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When to Rent Bucket Trucks, Derrick Trucks and Other Specialty Vehicles to Help Your Job

17 October | 228 views

There are benefits and disadvantages to buying trucks and vans. When your work requires consistent use of a specialty vehicle like a bucket truck, boom lift truck, derrick truck, water truck or vans, many contractors and business owner’s first thought is to purchase equipment. Renting equipment for construction is an excellent way to help your business be more profitable. At National Dispatching, we provide a one-call solution for all construction needs. Our team has years of experience as contractors, business owners and working personnel. We understand the importance of helping companies grow.

Before you start shopping for a bucket truck, derrick truck or any other expensive vehicle, consider how renting can help your business. Renting trucks, vans and other specialty vehicles helps save on cost, improves productivity and maintains safety on jobs. National Dispatching provides a solution for all construction equipment rental including specialty vehicles. As soon as you contact our team, we go to work to find the best solution for you.

Key Benefits of Renting

Purchasing equipment is a large capital investment. Beyond the initial expense, owning equipment requires maintenance costs, storage space and limits your work to the capacity of the equipment. Renting addresses these concerns:

  1. Renting frees capital – Buying an expensive truck or van – whether by cash or credit – ties up capital you can use to grow your business and expand services. When you rent a bucket truck or other specialty vehicle, the cost is temporary.
  2. Renting prevents downtime – Buying gives you access to equipment at all times except when a hydraulic component fails on your boom lift truck. When the equipment you own breaks down, work stops and repair bills quickly add up. Renting a derrick truck or a bucket truck gives you access to working equipment to do the job now.
  3. Renting improves efficiency – Buying boom trucks allows you to pick the right equipment for what you do. Do you always do the same job? What if you need to do more? Renting solves the problem of growing businesses by providing limitless solutions. If you own a 2,000 gallon water truck, you will need two trips to transport 35,000 gallons. That 6-yard dump truck is wasting fuel and time delivering 15 yards to the project site. Matching the ideal rental equipment for your needs means you get the job done properly and personnel are more efficient.
  4. Renting improves safety – Manufacturers improve safety features constantly, and advances in technology help personnel work safely. Owning aging equipment increases the potential for safety issues. Using the wrong equipment or pushing past the safety limits to complete a task endangers personnel. Accessing new equipment with new features is a distinct advantage for performance and safety. Renting small bucket trucks accesses areas that may be restricted. Renting larger boom lifts positions personnel at the exact working height to assure safety.

What to Consider When Choosing a Truck, Van and Other Specialty Equipment

If you are considering any type of specialty truck or van, you are a professional contractor or decision maker within a larger business. You already understand the key specifications, capabilities and requirements of the work you do. You may not be considering what the future holds. At National Dispatching, we partner with our clients. Our team provides solutions that fit your business today and provide flexibility for where you are growing.

The primary reason renting is the best solution is the ability to always match the equipment to suit your needs. As your business grows, our solutions grow alongside you.

Types of Specialty Trucks to Consider Renting

Bucket Trucks

A bucket truck is used for aerial work. Similar to a boom lift, the bucket transports personnel, materials and tools using hydraulic lifts. Renting bucket trucks allows you to choose from a wide range of designs, lift capacities and other features to suit your specific job. Renting a bucket truck is popular for a variety of tasks including:

  • Aerial telecommunications and electrical utility work
  • Fruit picking, tree care and forestry
  • Lighting and exterior signage maintenance
  • Exterior building maintenance including painting and window washing
  • General construction

These trucks can safely lower the hydraulic boom and securely travel on surface roads and offsite locations like a standard passenger truck.

Derrick Trucks

A derrick truck, or digger derrick, is equipped with a boom arm and drilling bit. These are the workhorses of utility contractor work. They are used to dig holes, set telecom poles, general landscaping, fencing and other digging tasks. Like bucket trucks, these vehicles are capable of driving on roadways to reach work areas. Renting derrick trucks to perform general tasks in the utility industry and complete construction projects provides access to quality equipment without the high cost of ownership.

Water Trucks

Water trucks are a common site in many industries. Ranging widely in size and the capacity of the water tank, water trucks transport water across roads. Water trucks deliver water to many industries including landscaping, construction, farming, fire control and more. The specific design, including how water is dispersed, varies according to the application. This means renting a water truck is popular to provide a nimble solution for your specific task.

Other Vans and Specialty Vehicles

National Dispatching helps you find a solution for any vehicle including vans and specialty vehicles. When your job depends on finding a rental truck, contact National Dispatching. We deliver well-planned solutions for renting trucks, construction equipment and almost everything that drives business. We offer dump trucks, trailers, vans and more specialty vehicles. Whatever your needs are, our team provides a one-call solution to get you the right rental equipment to get the job done.

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