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What Are the Common Types of Compaction Equipment to Rent?

20 September | 349 views

There are many types of compaction equipment to rent. Soil compaction provides crucial support for trenches, roads, pavements and building foundations. It is vital to have the right equipment on hand to adequately compact soil. National Dispatching is committed to providing the best compaction equipment to rent. The first step in this process is defining the importance of compaction. The second part of this guide covers the common types of compaction equipment. Finally, National Dispatching offers a complete solution to renting the compaction equipment best suited to your needs.


From a backyard walkway to the largest skyscraper, a solid base begins with compaction. Compaction increases the shear strength of soil and decreases both its compressibility and permeability. Soil compaction equipment removes air pockets around soil particles. For construction projects, there are many objectives but the most essential purpose of compaction is to provide a stable base to build.

Compaction is also used on surfaces like asphalt and concrete to remove air pockets and improve compression. Compaction equipment uses vibratory compaction either through plates, smooth rollers or Padfoot rollers.

Common Types of Compaction Equipment

Each type of compaction equipment is suited to specific applications. This makes renting compaction equipment a smart choice. Ensuring you match the equipment to your job helps productivity and improves safety on worksites. With National Dispatching, you gain expert partners to facilitate the perfect equipment for your needs.

Compaction Roller

This design includes single drum rollers, double drum rollers and trench rollers. Vibratory energy is transferred through the drum. Most compaction models are ride-on rollers. Compaction rollers can be used to compact materials ranging from cohesive soils, granular soils, sand and asphalt.

Single drum roller has a vibratory drum in the front and tires at the rear. Often used during prep work stages, this design easily compacts subgrade for sidewalks and driveways. These machines are also good for creating building foundations.

Double drum roller is used primarily to compact paving materials, such as asphalt mixes and roller-compacted concrete. As the name suggests, double drum rollers use two steel drums that vibrate. Vibratory action can be adjusted to vary the frequency and amplitude produced by the mechanism.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack rammers or vibratory rammers are handheld machines. Jumping jack rammers exert force through a plate. The size of vibratory rammers is perfect for restricted spaces other compaction equipment cannot fit. Along walls and tight spaces, jumping jack rammers offer fast travel speeds and achieve optimum compaction results.

Plate Compactor

Plate compactors use rapid vibration on the ground. The large plate exerts force compacting soil below. Renting a plate compactor is a wise option to access confined areas and maneuver around tight corners. Operators control most models with a handle. These types include single-direction plate compactors which use a forward-traveling design to compact soil and asphalt. Reversible models change directions for excellent compaction of many subbases. There are newer models featuring remote control operations. This allows the operator to control the plate compactor at a safe distance from dust, and debris and reduces operator fatigue.

Trench Compactor

Trench compactors operate in conditions that can be difficult. Trench rollers are ideally suited for trenches, subbases of foundations, roads and parking lots where terrain is uneven. Trench compactors have specialized features like exciters positioned below the axles, remote operations and an articulated design. These features aid the most efficient transfer of energy through the drum and padfoot to the ground.

Compaction Equipment Rental with National Dispatching

Whether you need compaction equipment for cohesive soils, asphalt, concrete or any other subbase, National Dispatching has the solutions for renting compaction equipment. National Dispatching goes beyond renting the best compaction equipment. We provide complete solutions for every rental need with one phone call.

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