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Achieving success in your construction project hinges on acquiring the right tools and gaining access to reliable, high-quality equipment that won’t break the bank.

With our extensive qualified partner network, National Dispatching provides you with affordable construction solutions that help you fulfill the requirements of your project. We have everything you need, whether it’s earth moving equipment rentals or forklift rental services.

When owning construction equipment comes with a hefty price tag, you can rely on heavy equipment rentals from National Dispatching. We help you eliminate the financial burdens of purchasing, maintaining, and storing heavy equipment with affordable rental solutions.

Improve efficiency in your construction site and prevent any delays in your schedule. Contact our team of experts to learn more about our Sacramento, CA, construction equipment rental solutions today!


Renting Construction Equipment with National Dispatching

Sacramento is a testament to progress, with a skyline that mirrors the city’s dynamic growth. As the capital of California, it’s not just the political heart of the state; it’s also a bustling hub of construction activity. With these surges in development, the demand for Sacramento, CA, construction equipment rentals has never been higher. 

Our mission is clear: we want to help contractors and businesses work safely and efficiently through reliable heavy equipment rentals and construction services. Beyond construction equipment, we also provide materials, truck services, and subcontracting solutions to streamline your operations.

National Dispatching is committed to supporting you at any time. If you need reliable construction solutions, get in touch with our experts to schedule a rental today!

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Aerial Work Platforms

Elevate your productivity and safety on elevated projects with National Dispatching’s Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) solutions. Our extensive range of scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, and more ensures you have the right equipment to conquer great heights.


Forklifts & Material Handling

Streamline your construction site operations by effortlessly moving materials with our reliable forklift rental services. National Dispatching offers comprehensive forklift rental services designed to help you with varying load capacities for greater efficiency within your work site.


Earthmoving Equipment

National Dispatching provides a versatile fleet of earthmoving equipment rental units, including loaders, excavators, backhoes, and bulldozer rentals, to handle various tasks like excavation, grading, trenching, and land clearing. Our machinery offers robust capabilities to empower precise and powerful terrain sculpting for projects of any size or complexity.



Reinforce the strength and stability of your construction project with National Dispatching. Our comprehensive range of heavy-duty compaction equipment includes rollers, compactors, and tampers to create solid ground and optimal soil conditions for long-lasting structures.


Generators & Light Towers

Ensure uninterrupted power and illumination for your construction project, no matter the location, with National Dispatching’s generators and light towers. Designed to boost safety and productivity in low-light or nighttime conditions, our equipment offers a dependable power source, solidifying our reputation as your trusted partner in construction solutions.


Pumps, Tanks & Filtration

Muddy trenches and water supply shortages are common issues within construction sites and can cause setbacks and costly delays in your project. National Dispatching offers pumps, tanks, and filtration solutions that efficiently manage fluids in your work site. Count on us as your trusted partner to provide the essential equipment for smooth construction operations and consistent progress.


Portable Sanitation Services

Maintain the health and productivity of your workforce by addressing the critical need for proper sanitation on your construction site. National Dispatching offers a comprehensive range of portable restrooms, handwashing stations, and waste disposal solutions, ensuring your team has access to clean and convenient sanitation facilities.


Construction Site Services

Effective waste management is crucial for site safety, worker health and well-being, and regulatory compliance. Create a more organized construction site that promotes safety and productivity with National dispatching. We provide a wide range of construction site services, including safety barriers, dumpsters, and storage containers.


Trucks & Trailers

National Dispatching understands the need for efficient logistic solutions to prevent delays, costly overruns, and disruptions in your construction project. Since materials and equipment transport require efficient solutions, we provide a comprehensive suite of truck and trailer services for your construction logistics needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the equipment include fuel?

The equipment rental arrives with fuel. Refueling may be necessary, and it would be your obligation to refuel. Upon returning the equipment, refueling is required; otherwise, you will be charged a refueling fee. These fees vary by region, fuel type, and sometimes the distance to your project site.

How long is each rental period?

All rentals are based upon Daily, Weekly, or Monthly shift use unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement.

Our double and triple-shift rate options mitigate potential over-hour charges but must be requested in advance. We understand project requirements can change, so if you believe you may use the equipment over the allowed time, contact us ASAP so we can discuss options.

One Day Rental = One (1) 8-hour shift over a 24-hour period
One Week Rental = Five (5) 8-hour shifts over a 7-day period
One Month Rental = Twenty (20) 8-hour shifts (160 hours) over a 28-day (month) period
For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

The equipment was called off rent but it is still on my project, can I continue to use it?

No. Once a rental is terminated, you should not continue to use it. Most equipment is outfitted with GPS or telematics, and you may be responsible for additional charges if the equipment continues to be used after the scheduled termination date.

What should I do if the rental needs to be extended?

If you need to extend your rental, please contact our National Dispatching team, and they can assist you with extending the rental.

For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

My project is completed but the equipment is still here, what should I do?

Although we do our best to pick up equipment on time, there can be unforeseen issues that cause scheduling delays. In some instances, equipment pick-ups could take several hours, days, or even weeks. If such circumstances arise, you will be responsible for securing the equipment until it is picked up.

If you are unable to secure the equipment, please contact our National Dispatching team to help escalate the pickup. We do offer an expedited pickup service for an additional cost.

For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

Sacramento, CA, Construction Equipment Rental With National Dispatching

Navigating the challenges of construction projects can be quite complex, from managing equipment availability and reliability to orchestrating intricate logistics. At National Dispatching, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing holistic solutions that ensure your project proceeds without a hitch.

Our comprehensive and streamlined rental service reflects our commitment to simplifying construction projects. With an expansive fleet of heavy equipment at your disposal, we stand as your trusted partner, ready to deliver the equipment rental solutions you require precisely when you need them.

x Rental Equipment Protection Plan REP® provides coverage for specified damages or loss to the rental equipment. REP® amounts can be refunded if you provide a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) meeting required limits and language prior to delivery of your rental. Terms and Conditions apply. In the event of loss, a deductible is required. Please refer to the National Dispatching Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions for more information on REP® and COI requirements.
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