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Construction Equipment Rental
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San Jose, CA Construction Equipment Rental


There are many benefits to renting construction equipment in San Jose, CA. Whether you own and operate a large construction business or need a solution for a home project, National Dispatching provides the one-call solution for construction equipment rental needs throughout California.


Renting Construction Equipment with National Dispatching

Our team focuses on delivering the right equipment for all of your construction equipment rental needs in San Jose and beyond. National Dispatching facilitates your construction rental needs so you can focus on getting the job done.

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Aerial Work

Finding the best equipment for your aerial work job depends on your task and environment. The most popular aerial equipment to rent in San Jose include:

  • Boom Lifts – Deliver personnel, materials and tools vertically and horizontally with either telescoping booms or articulating boom arms.
  • Scissor Lifts – Deliver personnel, material and tools when aerial work is unobstructed vertically.

National Dispatching can provide aerial work equipment to suit interiors/exteriors, delicate surfaces/rugged terrain and nearly every other condition and environment.



Compactors are necessary for many projects. Renting a rammer or roller in San Jose provides a great solution for many jobs that require compaction equipment for a short-term project. Renting vibratory compaction equipment includes options for:

  • Rammers access smaller areas and offer more precise control
  • Rollers range from single drum, double drum and trench rollers


Earthmoving Equipment

Reliable access to the wide range of earthmoving equipment improves efficiency for private and commercial contractors. From excavators, scrapers, skidsteers to backhoes and more, we offer solutions for any project. Popular earthmoving equipment rentals with National Dispatching include:

  • Wheel Loaders front end loaders, skip loaders and a wide range of attachments
  • Backhoes include rear diggers and front buckets for versatility
  • Trenchers excavate earth for trenchers with minimal footprint on surrounding areas
  • Motor Graders in multiple sizes and dimensions
  • Skid Steer Loaders are versatile machines and are available in many sizes and attachments
  • Excavators assist in demolition, digging and moving material from mini excavators to large excavators
  • Bulldozers, also known as dozer crawlers, range in size to help with clearing areas and moving material. They come with many attachments for specialized projects


Material Handling

Moving materials safely and quickly requires the proper equipment. National Dispatching facilitates solutions ranging from walkie stackers, order pickers, pallet jacks, forklifts and reach lifts. Our team finds the right equipment for rent to perform safely in the environment and terrain your project features. The most common material handling equipment we offer includes:

  • Reach Lifts for moving materials vertically and horizontally
  • Forklifts for moving materials and lifting them vertically


Generators and Light Towers

Projects require electricity and illumination. Rental generators and rental light towers keep your business running in all conditions


Trench Shoring, Protection and Safety

Accessing the right materials to perform your job should not distract from trench safety in San Jose, California. Our team makes scheduling easier and faster for road plates, temp fencing, trench boxes, slide rails and all other trench safety equipment.


Trucks and Trailers

Moving equipment, materials and completing specialty tasks require vehicles and trailers. Rental truck and trailer rental solutions include pickup trucks, semi-tractors, water trucksdump trucks, and trailers.


Portable Sanitation Site Services

Every project requires sanitationwaste management and collection services. Portable toilets for rent and other equipment are the simplest way to make sure your construction project is safe and compliant. National Dispatching offers a complete solution for construction.


Site Offices & Storage

Our comprehensive services include mobile offices. Whether your storage facilities demand long-term or short-term options, we provide solutions.


Pipeline Equipment

We can provide your specialty pipeline equipment, from pipelayers and bending machines to winch and beveling equipment.


Utility Equipment

Whatever utility work you are supporting, our network has the equipment. Rent bucket trucks, digger derricks, and more.


Pump Services

Solve your site’s water problems with our dewatering, water storage and transfer, and industrial pumping services.


Compressed Air & Tools

We offer a wide selection of breakersair compressors and tools for rent.


Climate Control

For supplemental or emergency heating and cooling, our temperature control and HVAC equipment can meet your commercial, construction, and industrial needs.


Ground Protection

Our ground protection mats and accessories can handle any type of heavy equipment or large event.


General & Specialty Industrial Tools

Your construction project requires a variety of tools. Our full line of industrial tools can fulfill any need your job requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the equipment include fuel?

The equipment rental arrives with fuel. Refueling may be necessary, and it would be your obligation to refuel. Upon returning the equipment, refueling is required; otherwise, you will be charged a refueling fee. These fees vary by region, fuel type, and sometimes the distance to your project site.

How long is each rental period?

All rentals are based upon Daily, Weekly, or Monthly shift use unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement.

Our double and triple-shift rate options mitigate potential over-hour charges but must be requested in advance.  We understand project requirements can change, so if you believe you may use the equipment over the allowed time, contact us ASAP so we can discuss options.

  • One Day Rental = One (1) 8-hour shift over a 24-hour period
  • One Week Rental = Five (5) 8-hour shifts over a 7-day period
  • One Month Rental = Twenty (20) 8-hour shifts (160 hours) over a 28-day (month) period

For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

The equipment was called off rent but it is still on my project, can I continue to use it?

No. Once a rental is terminated, you should not continue to use it. Most equipment is outfitted with GPS or telematics, and you may be responsible for additional charges if the equipment continues to be used after the scheduled termination date.

What should I do if the rental needs to be extended?

If you need to extend your rental, please contact our National Dispatching team, and they can assist you with extending the rental.

For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

My project is completed but the equipment is still here, what should I do?

Although we do our best to pick up equipment on time, there can be unforeseen issues that cause scheduling delays. In some instances, equipment pick-ups could take several hours, days, or even weeks. If such circumstances arise, you will be responsible for securing the equipment until it is picked up.

If you are unable to secure the equipment, please contact our National Dispatching team to help escalate the pickup. We do offer an expedited pickup service for an additional cost.

For assistance, please call 559.705.2444.

Partnering with
National Dispatching

National Dispatching believes in building relationships based on trust and integrity throughout San Jose, California. We are committed to growing your business from the first time you rent construction equipment. Beyond construction equipment, we offer materials, truck services, and subcontracting solutions for our partners. Our philosophy is designed to fulfil your needs as easily and efficiently as possible. Our team is dedicated to supporting you at any time. Contact us for more information and schedule a rental with National Dispatching.