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Forklift Rental in Fresno, California

Fresno, CA Forklift Rental

Forklifts must be carefully selected to get the job done safely, quickly and without interruption. National Dispatching can help match the most efficient forklift for your project and task at hand. We are experts in forklifts and rental solutions, so finding the best forklift to rent in Fresno, California is just one phone call away.

As part of the Fresno community, National Dispatching understands your needs. National Dispatching rents many types of forklifts in various sizes. Matching the right forklift to rent begins with identifying the best type of forklift for your needs. You should then consider the work environment to select the forklift to rent. Finally, renting with National Dispatching facilitates your forklift rental with ease.

forklift rental service in fresno california

What Type of Forklift Should You Rent?

Within the category of forklifts, there are many types and sizes. Whether you are just beginning your search or you’re an experienced contractor looking to rent a forklift, National Dispatching is an expert in the makes and models available today. No matter where and how you need to handle materials, National Dispatching is committed to finding the best forklift to rent.

What are the Different Types of Forklift?

Warehouse Forklift

Warehouse forklifts are commonly used for light material handling and moving pallets. Not surprisingly, most warehouse forklifts are used within warehouse settings. There are many worksites where a warehouse forklift is the best solution. National Dispatching offers warehouse forklift rentals with 48” fork and lift capacities ranging from 2,500-6,000 lbs.


Telehandlers deliver materials quickly and safely using a telescoping boom. Telehandlers are also known as telescopic reach forklifts, reach forks, high reach forklifts, tele lifts and zoom booms. No matter what name is used, telehandlers provide a way to safely lift materials with precision. Our experts can help you choose the proper telehandler to rent using the carrying capacity your job requires. Finding the right telehandler to rent is easier with National Dispatching. We offer the following telehandler reach forklifts:

Rough Terrain Forklift

Renting rough terrain forklifts is popular for agricultural, industrial and other environments with uneven terrain. This type of forklift is capable of carrying materials where other forklifts would struggle or fail. Lifting capacity, working weight and other factors will determine the best rough terrain forklift for your needs. 

Heavy-Duty Forklift

Renting heavy-duty forklifts are required where payloads exceed 25,000 lbs. Heavy-duty forklifts are often referred to as high-capacity forklifts and large-capacity forklifts. A heavy-duty forklift rental benefits many industrial settings including shipping yards and ports. 

Walkie Stacker

Renting a walkie stacker facilitates moving materials like a pallet fork and lifting like a forklift. With lift capacities of up to 1,500 lbs and height ranges from 6-14’, walkie stackers help move materials where operating space is limited. 

Order Picker

Designed for indoor use, renting order pickers maximizes efficiency and safety in warehouses. Saving time is important in warehouses and other packing spaces. With a wide range of features, renting an order picker with National Dispatching solves this need.   

Pallet Jack

Both manual pallet jacks and powered pallet jacks have forks, wheels and an operator handle for lifting and moving materials.

What Forklift Fits My Worksite?

National Dispatching will find the right forklift to fit your worksite. When selecting rental equipment, especially forklifts, you should consider the working conditions, environment and scope of work required. When renting a forklift, there are 5 primary considerations:

  • Will the forklift be operated in an indoor or outdoor setting?
  • What are the ground conditions and terrain of the work environment?
  • What is the maximum payload weight required?
  • What is the maximum height and width to lift the load?
  • What are the minimum height and width restrictions at the job site?

Renting with National Dispatching

National Dispatching delivers the best solutions for renting a forklift in Fresno, CA. Whether you are a single contractor or running operations for a large site, National Dispatching saves you time and money. Our combination of equipment expertise and rental facilitation means National Dispatching is the best source to rent a forklift in Fresno. Contact us to book a rental.

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