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Forklifts & Material Handling Equipment Rental in Fresno, CA

Fresno, CA Forklifts & Material Handling Equipment Rental

There are many reasons renting forklifts in Fresno, CA makes sense. The primary benefits of renting forklifts and material handling equipment from National Dispatching are: 

  • Renting forklifts lets you match the forklift to your job site
  • Renting a forklift means you only pay for what you use
forklift and material handling equipment rentals in fresno CA

What to Consider Before Renting a Forklift in Fresno, California?

National Dispatching knows the unique needs of Fresno and the surrounding areas. There are many options available when renting material handling equipment, and our team has you covered.

When starting the equipment rental process, you should understand what class suits your needs, as well as environment, size, working weight, classification and types of forklifts. This guide will help walk you through choosing the right forklift to rent in Fresno.

Find the Forklift to Suit Your Job

National Dispatching rents many types of forklifts through Fresno, California. Considering the number of businesses that utilize material handling equipment, finding the right forklift depends on your site.


Rent the forklift based on the environment including indoor or outdoor function. The terrain will inform what tire choice is required and the space will help select the size.


Consider the working space including any entry ways, aisles and inclines the forklift will need to pass through. Renting material handling equipment allows you to match the equipment to your space. Paying attention to the job site and selecting the size of forklift to suit means working more efficiently and safely.

Working Weight

Understanding the maximum load per square foot allowed on floors is a primary concern when working in a high rise.


Forklifts are organized based on their classification. There are seven forklift classes outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

  • Class I: Electric motor rider trucks
  • Class II: Electric motor narrow aisle trucks
  • Class III: Electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks
  • Class IV: Internal combustion engine trucks (solid/cushion tires)
  • Class V: Internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic tires)
  • Class VI: Electric and internal combustion engine tractors
  • Class VII: Rough terrain forklift trucks

Types of Forklifts

Once you identify the needs of your job site, you are able to choose the best forklift to rent in Fresno. National Dispatching offers many types of forklift trucks including:

Pallet Jack

The most common material handling equipment is a pallet jack. If you haven’t used one, you certainly have seen a pallet jack in local stores. There are many varieties ranging from manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks and even pallet jacks designed for rough terrain. Renting a pallet jack in Fresno, California helps growing businesses and can offset seasonal demands of retail stores, warehouses and other companies.

Warehouse Forklift

This familiar design is encountered in big box retailers, warehouse settings and grocery stores. Warehouse forklifts are commonly used for light material handling and moving pallets of goods throughout indoor and outdoor settings. The lift raises and lowers materials vertically so it is limited to specific jobs.


This variation is used across many construction sites including telehandler reach forklifts, high reach forklifts and telescopic forklifts. The key attribute of our rental telehandlers is the boom. The boom keeps forks and loads level while lifting materials to the exact spaces and angles required for the job site. Renting telehandlers in Fresno includes identifying the carrying capacity for your project. In Fresno, renting a telehandler is simpler with National Dispatching.

Walkie Stacker

This specialty forklift is commonly seen within retail warehouse stores. A Walkie Stacker exists somewhere between a warehouse forklift and a pallet jack. Renting a walkie stacker saves space and usually reduces weight when compared to a forklift. Operators are able to pick up material with the forks and lift vertically like a forklift truck. Unlike forklift trucks, walkie stackers do not require a seated operator. This reduces the footprint, making renting a walkie stacker in Fresno a great option when space, aisles and doorways limit dimensions.

Order Picker

Order pickers help warehouses maximize productivity and maintain safe working conditions. Operators use a masthead position to raise and lower the platform to specific shelves. Renting an order picker in Fresno helps businesses manage seasonal demands and fulfill orders without worrying about maintenance and breakdowns.

Rough Terrain Forklift

This term refers to forklifts that operate across unpaved, uneven and other terrain. There are telehandlers and other specialized material handling equipment designed for rough terrain. These forklifts feature pneumatic tires to navigate construction and other sites without concrete, pavement or asphalt.

Heavy-Duty Forklift

National Dispatching rents forklifts of many sizes and lifting capacities. Heavy-duty forklifts are also known as industrial forklifts and large-capacity forklifts. These forklifts are capable of handling higher payloads across worksites. Renting a heavy-duty forklift in Fresno is popular for construction, landscaping and other work that demands the structural strength to carry heavy loads across rough terrain over long distances.

Renting a Forklift with National Dispatching

There is no single forklift for every job. These highly specialized machines serve to get the job done safely, quickly and without interruption in their niche. This means renting a forklift with National Dispatching is the preferred method. Just like matching your best employees to their specialty, National Dispatching provides the most efficient pieces of machinery for any job in Fresno.

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