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Earth Moving Equipment Rental in Fresno, CA 

Fresno, CA Earth Moving Equipment Rental

Renting earth moving equipment in Fresno, California is simpler, faster and more efficient with National Dispatching. We stay focused on finding the best earth moving equipment for your Fresno area job site so you can focus on growing your business.

You work hard enough running your company, managing employees and getting jobs done on time for your customers. So when it comes to renting earth moving equipment in Fresno, CA, National Dispatching is the perfect partner to save you time and money.

Founded by contractors, National Dispatching is committed to streamlining the experience of renting earth moving equipment in Fresno. Our website allows you to quickly choose your equipment, schedule dates and confirm delivery location. Our network makes sure the rental equipment is ready to serve your needs.

Our core values of performance, humility and dedication let us focus on our Fresno, California partners. That means you spend less time tracking down rental equipment and more time getting the job done.

earth moving equipment rental service in fresno california

Why Choose National Dispatching for Your Rental Equipment?

When you rent with National Dispatching, you gain a partner you can rely upon for all of your needs. Throughout Fresno and beyond, we provide the best solutions from small construction jobs, large-scale building projects and long-term rentals for your established business. 

Earth Moving Equipment Rental 

One of our specialties is earth moving equipment rental. Since we stay focused on the needs of construction equipment rental in Fresno, California, our earth moving equipment is suited for the unique needs of this community.

There are many options in earth moving equipment. Whatever your job demands, National Dispatching is the best choice for rental in Fresno. We will help you find the solution. Some of the most popular earth moving equipment to rent in Fresno includes:

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are a versatile piece of equipment available in many sizes from walk behind compact loaders to large machines. These machines are often referred to as bucket loaders or front end loaders because they feature a large bucket on the front of the hydraulic arms for moving materials.

Some wheel loaders allow for multiple attachments like a tractor. The front end attachments means wheel loaders can perform any number of tasks including digging; carrying heavy loads of construction material, dirt or debris; and clearing areas.

Many wheel loaders can perform specialty tasks including skip loaders and articulated wheel loaders. Renting wheel loaders in Fresno is popular because this allows you to match the equipment to your project. Renting equipment allows you to scale up or down in size to suit your job instead of trying to use a single loader for all your various jobs.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders – also known as diggers or simply backhoes – are a popular loader because of their versatility. The front end features a bucket. Some models allow for additional attachments for the front end hydraulics like pallet forks. The rear end hydraulics feature a digger. While this digger cannot fully rotate like an excavator, the dual function makes renting a backhoe in Fresno popular for construction, landscaping and excavating needs. This dual function means backhoes can be used to trench, break up concrete and remove materials like rocks and soil. Returning to the front bucket, the machine can quickly help deliver, install and backfill dirt.


The machines are essential for moving large amounts of material quickly and precisely. Operators work the machine from a central cabin. The bucket is controlled by a boom arm and the cab rotates 360 degrees so materials can efficiently be moved from one location to another without moving the entire machine. The weight of excavators is distributed across tracks. This weight distribution system helps excavators to be used on all surfaces from hard asphalt to sand. The design also allows the arm to reach further and more precisely than other digging implements.

Like most of the products offered by National Dispatching, rental excavators are offered in many sizes from mini-excavators to true giants. The variety and versatility of excavators means they are a popular choice for equipment renting in the Fresno area.


Renting trenchers in Fresno has some great benefits for many jobs. Trenchers are a specialty excavator designed to cut trenches with precise control. Coming in a variety of sizes from walk behind units to large ride-on implements, trenchers are used to move earth for projects like installing french drains, irrigation projects, utility work, cutting pavement and generally shoveling dirt.

When operating a trencher, the chain can be precisely controlled to cut into the surface and dig a trench without disturbing the area around the trench. The chain effectively removes rocks, cuts through roots and displaces other objects that can impede project completion. For this reason many customers rent chain trenchers to excavate shallow areas so electrical, utility cables, pipeworks and other ground work can be installed.

Renting a trencher in Fresno is a smart choice to speed up a digging project where precision is required. Many trenchers are narrow enough to fit into tight spaces and through residential gates. Many models feature a blade to help backfill dirt and soil when your work is complete. When used properly, a trencher is a safe and economical way to install underground work because it does not require extensive clean up or maintenance of landscaping.

Skid Steers

Nimble and versatile, many companies invest in skid steers as a primary piece of equipment for construction and other industries. While the operations and function of skid steers is common throughout all designs, these machines come in many sizes and drivetrain configurations. For this reason, renting a skid steer in Fresno, CA makes a lot of sense.

Track skid steer rentals and wheel skid steer rentals accept many attachments to help with many construction projects. With the attachments and the proper size skid steer to match your job, skid steers help demolish, move material, dig, clean and serve many other tasks on construction sites.

Renting a skid steer also means National Dispatching finds the right machine for the terrain and all other conditions. Renting a skid steer in Fresno adds versatility to your business. There is no perfect skid steer for every job. A model with tracks may benefit one site while renting a compact utility loader may be best for another jobsite.

Motor Grader

Sometimes simply referred to as a grader or a road grader, a motor grader flattens the surface during grading projects using a blade. The blade or moldboard is used in construction to grade dirt, build and maintain gravel roads, and it’s commonly used to rough grade or even fine grade a surface to exact slope specifications. National dispatching offers a number of motor graders for rent with various drivetrain, size and engine combinations.

Dozer Crawlers

Often called bulldozers, these machines feature a large bucket and tracks. The upright blade on these tractors is used to clear many materials. Clearing construction sites and other project areas, the upright blade is able to clear the ground while the tracks gain traction on most surfaces. The design of dozer crawlers effectively distributes weight across the surfaces of the tracks to minimize impact on ground surface. This means that even though some dozer crawlers look like brutes, these machines are functional across many surfaces as stable as pavement and as loose as sand.

Renting dozer crawlers in Fresno is a smart choice for any business. Like most construction equipment, renting bulldozers for your Fresno business allows you to match the size of the equipment to your particular demands.

Partnering with National Dispatching

Since 1988, our founders have built a reputation of trust and integrity with our partners. National Dispatching believes in building relationships from the first time you rent construction equipment with us. As part of the community, we are committed to growing your business today and well into the future by renting construction equipment in Fresno. Our philosophy is designed to fulfill your needs as easily and efficiently as possible. Our team is dedicated to supporting you at any time. Contact us for more information and to discover how National Dispatching can help you.

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