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Aerial Work Platform Equipment Rental in Fresno, CA 

Fresno, CA Aerial Work Platform Equipment Rental

There are many reasons renting aerial work platforms in Fresno, CA makes sense. The primary benefits of renting aerial work equipment from National Dispatching are:

  • Renting aerial equipment lets you match the forklift to your job site
  • Renting means you only pay for what you use
aerial work platforms rental service in fresno CA

What to Consider Before Renting Aerial Work Platforms in Fresno, California?

National Dispatching knows the unique needs of Fresno and the surrounding areas. There are many options for aerial equipment rental including boom lifts and scissor lifts. With each of these types, there are many options to choose. When you partner with National Dispatching, you gain our expertise in matching the right equipment to your needs.

What Aerial Work Platforms Should I Rent?

The first step in choosing the right equipment rental of aerial work platforms is considering your job site. Begin by considering your needs based on the environment you’re working in, the size of the workspace, possible obstructions and terrain.

Work Environment

You may rent a scissor lift or boom lift depending on the environment, including indoor or outdoor function and terrain. Across the Fresno area, renting aerial equipment begins with examining the environment. All of these conditions will inform the proper aerial platform: Is your work going to take place indoors or outdoors? What height do you need to reach? What weight of materials including workers must be lifted?

Size of Workspace

As well as height and weight, the working area must be considered when choosing the right aerial work platform to rent. The work platform of scissor lifts are available in many sizes. Larger dimensions typically mean more work and materials can be deployed but the platform must fit into the workspace. Boom lifts typically have smaller platforms but the telescoping design lifts more precisely into tight confines.


Safety is fundamental when aerial work is performed. Trees, electrical lines and other obstructions must be avoided to protect works and materials.


Aerial work demands a stable base. National Dispatching has many options for most terrains in Fresno.

What Types of Aerial Work Platforms are Available to Rent?

After analyzing your job site, National Dispatching has many types of aerial work platforms available to rent in Fresno. The two most popular types of aerial work equipment for rent in California are scissor lifts and boom lifts.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts feature a level platform deployed into the air using cross braces and hydraulics. This means scissor lifts are capable of carrying multiple works and materials to the necessary height. Once lifted, the platform provides a safe and secure working platform to perform tasks. Renting scissor lifts in Fresno, CA is popular for maintenance, construction and even decoration of indoor and outdoor environments.

There are multiple options of scissor lifts to rent in Fresno including: diesel scissor lifts, electric scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts. The variety of designs means scissor lifts are only limited to the job site. When you need to lift a platform vertically, scissor lift rental from National Dispatching is the best option.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts extend telescopically. This leads to another common name: stick booms because the design of the boom appears straight. When access to your work is limited or obstructed, boom lifts lift workers and materials precisely. There are straight booms and articulating booms for rent with National Dispatching.

Just like scissor lifts, boom lifts are available with multiple power sources, various sizes and are capable of reaching greater heights to suit your job.

Renting Aerial Work Platform Equipment with National Dispatching

National Dispatching works hard to rent the best aerial work platform equipment for your needs. These highly specialized machines serve to get the job done safely, quickly and without interruption for your task. This means renting scissor lifts, boom lifts and all other aerial work platforms with National Dispatching is the preferred method. Just like matching your best employees to their specialty, National Dispatching provides the most efficient pieces of machinery for your job.

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